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Arch Name Version Description Last Updated
x86_64 android-apktool 2.3.4-1 a tool for reengineering Android apk files 2018-12-07
any android-host-tools 9.0.0-1 Android Host Tools 2018-11-19
x86_64 android-sdk 26.1.1-1 Google Android SDK 2018-01-05
x86_64 android-sdk-build-tools-dummy r26.0.1-1 Build-Tools for Google Android SDK (aapt, aidl, dexdump, dx, llvm-rs-cc), dummy package 2017-08-20
x86_64 android-sdk-dummy 26.0.1-1 Google Android SDK, dummy package 2017-05-10
x86_64 android-sdk-platform-tools-dummy r26.0.1-1 Platform-Tools for Google Android SDK (adb and fastboot), dummy package 2017-08-20
x86_64 android-studio The official Android IDE (Stable branch) 2018-10-21
any android-support r23.2.1-1 Android Support Package 2016-08-24
any android-udev-rules 1.0.8-1 Android udev rules 2016-11-07
any aurman 2.18-1 AUR helper with almost pacman syntax 2018-08-24
any bbqlinux 20180604-1 BBQLinux meta package 2018-06-04
any bbqlinux-artwork 1.0.5-1 BBQLinux Artwork 2014-10-10
any bbqlinux-config 1.6.2-1 BBQLinux Configuration 2016-06-12
any bbqlinux-config-gtk 1.0.0-1 BBQLinux GTK Configuration 2015-05-14
any bbqlinux-control-panel 1.1.0-1 BBQLinux Control Panel 2018-08-24
any bbqlinux-desktop-cinnamon 1.0.7-1 BBQLinux CINNAMON Desktop 2018-05-20
any bbqlinux-desktop-gnome 1.0.2-1 BBQLinux GNOME Desktop 2016-05-17
any bbqlinux-desktop-mate 1.1.1-1 BBQLinux MATE Desktop 2018-04-13
any bbqlinux-desktop-plasma 1.0.7-1 BBQLinux Plasma Desktop 2016-04-04
any bbqlinux-desktop-xfce4 1.0.3-1 BBQLinux XFCE4 Desktop 2016-12-10
any bbqlinux-java-switcher 1.1.1-1 BBQLinux Java Switcher 2018-05-20
any bbqlinux-keyring 20131129-1 BBQLinux PGP keyring 2013-11-29
any bbqlinux-livemedia 1.6.0-1 Configuration of the BBQLinux live media 2018-10-14
any bbqlinux-mirrorlist 20171110-1 BBQLinux mirrorlist for use by pacman 2017-11-10
any bbqlinux-python-switcher 1.0.6-1 BBQLinux Python Switcher 2018-05-20
any bbqlinux-theme 2.6.7-1 The BBQLinux Theme (based on Numix) 2017-11-29
any bbqmkiso 39-1 Tools for creating BBQLinux live iso image 2018-10-14
x86_64 calamares 3.2.2-1 Distribution-independent installer framework 2018-10-14
any calamares-bbqlinux 3.2.2-3 BBQLinux configuration for the calamares installer framework 2018-10-14
any geany-themes 1.22-2 A collection of color schemes for Geany. 2013-12-01
any gnome-colors-icon-theme 5.5.1-3 GNOME-Colors icon theme 2015-09-19
any gnome-colors-icon-theme-extras 5.5.1-3 Extra icons for GNOME-Colors icon theme 2015-09-19
x86_64 heimdall 1.4.2-1 Tool suite used to flash firmware (aka ROMs) onto Samsung mobile devices 2018-05-20
x86_64 jdk6-compat 2:6u51-09 Java 6 Development Kit designed to work alongside OpenJDK7 installation 2014-09-08
x86_64 lib32-ncurses5-compat-libs 6.0-2 System V Release 4.0 curses emulation library (32-bit), ABI 5 2015-12-20
x86_64 libc++ 4.0.0-3 A new implementation of the C++ standard library, targeting C++11. 2017-05-13
x86_64 libc++experimental 4.0.0-3 A new implementation of the C++ standard library, targeting C++11 (experimental library) 2017-05-13
x86_64 lightdm-bbqlinux-greeter 1:2.0.0-1 GTK+ greeter for LightDM 2015-03-14
x86_64 ncurses5-compat-libs 6.1-1 System V Release 4.0 curses emulation library, ABI 5 2018-03-02
x86_64 pythonqt 3.2-6 A dynamic Python binding for Qt applications 2018-12-23
x86_64 rtl8812au_asus-dkms rtl8812au linux kernel driver for ASUS USB-AC56 Wireless Dual-Band USB Adapter 2015-09-16
x86_64 simg-tools 8.1.0_r14-1 Tools to handle/convert Android sparse image file (simg2img, append2simg, img2simg, simg2simg) 2018-12-23
any unimote 0.8.0-1 Most feature-rich bluetooth multimedia remote control application for Android to controll Linux. 2014-04-27
Package Arch
simg-tools 8.1.0_r14-1 x86_64
pythonqt 3.2-6 x86_64
android-apktool 2.3.4-1 x86_64
android-host-tools 9.0.0-1 any
android-studio x86_64
calamares-bbqlinux 3.2.2-3 any
bbqmkiso 39-1 any
bbqlinux-livemedia 1.6.0-1 any
calamares 3.2.2-1 x86_64
aurman 2.18-1 any

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