android-sdk 26.0.2-1
Architecture: x86_64
Description: Google Android SDK
Upstream URL:
License: custom
Packager: Daniel Hillenbrand
Package Size: 125.72 MB
Installed Size: 149.62 MB
Build Date: 2017-05-10 ( Flag package out-of-date )
java-environment lib32-alsa-lib lib32-openal lib32-libstdc++5 lib32-libxv lib32-mesa lib32-ncurses lib32-sdl lib32-zlib lib32-fontconfig lib32-libpulse swt
Optional Dependencies:
android-emulator: emulator has become standalone since 25.3.0 android-sdk-platform-tools: adb, aapt, aidl, dexdump and dx android-udev: udev rules for Android devices
Package Arch
bbqlinux-livemedia 1.5.0-1 any
bbqlinux 20170513-1 any
android-apktool 2.2.1-1 x86_64
calamares 3.1.0-6 x86_64
pythonqt 3.1-3 x86_64
libc++experimental 4.0.0-3 x86_64
libc++ 4.0.0-3 x86_64
android-sdk 26.0.2-1 x86_64
android-sdk-build-tools-dummy r25.0.3-1 x86_64
android-sdk-dummy 26.0.1-1 x86_64
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