You've reached the website for BBQLinux, a user-friendly Linux distribution made for Android developers.
It has everything on board to build AOSP or AOSP-based distributions like LineageOS or OmniROM.

BBQLinux is based on Arch Linux and is using a rolling release development model which means it is getting continually updated and upgraded. It will never be necessary to re-install a later release of BBQLinux.
It is fully compatible with Arch Linux and is using the Arch package repos plus a BBQLinux specific one.
The default desktop environment is "CINNAMON" but we're also providing images with "MATE", "GNOME", "PLASMA" and "XFCE4".

You can test BBQLinux without doing any modifications to your computer using our live media.

Username: bbqlinux
Password: bbqlinux

In case you're creating a bootable USB-Stick, don't forget to label it "BBQLINUX".


Visit our forums for announcements and news about BBQLinux.

Package Arch
python2-protobuf 3.12.0-1 x86_64
android-udev-rules 1.0.9-1 any
bbqlinux-desktop-xfce4 4.14-1 any
android-studio x86_64
yay 9.4.4-1 x86_64
android-host-tools 10.0.0-1 any
python2-backports.lzma 0.0.13-1 x86_64
android-sdk-build-tools r28.0.3-1 x86_64
android-sdk-platform-tools 28.0.3-1 x86_64
calamares-bbqlinux 3.2.4-4 any

We don't get paid for our work, and we don't have the personal funds to sustain server costs ourselves.
If you enjoy using BBQLinux, please consider making a donation.

Many thanks!

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