Various Screenshots of BBQLinux

Syslinux LightDM Display Manager Welcome screen Installer
MATE Desktop GNOME Desktop PLASMA Desktop XFCE Desktop

Package Arch
bbqlinux-livemedia 1.4.0-1 any
bbqlinux-desktop-xfce4 1.0.2-1 any
bbqlinux 20150514-1 any
bbqlinux-desktop-gnome 1.0.1-1 any
bbqlinux-desktop-mate 1.0.2-1 any
bbqlinux-config-gtk 1.0.0-1 any
android-studio x86_64
bbqlinux-desktop-plasma 1.0.5-1 any
bbqlinux-config 1.5.1-1 any
calamares v1.0.1.r319.g28a13a0-1 x86_64
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